Precious Cat Ultra Premium...

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Hypo-allergenic, contains no plant proteins
Contains no perfumes or deodorants
All-natural clumping kitty litter

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A clay clutter uniquely formulated combining heavy non monitoring granules with medium grain. The end result is a superb clumping clutter that stops moisture from attaining the ground of the clutter field, whilst offering a clump in order to now not holiday aside. Extremely is best for multi-cat households and cat house owners with sifting or mechanical clutter containers and it controls smell clearly with out fragrance, deodorants or chemical compounds.
Hypo-allergenic, Incorporates no plant proteins
Incorporates no perfumes or deodorants
All-herbal clumping kitty clutter
Prevents moisture from attaining the ground of clutter field or tray
99.nine% mud-loose and makes use of heavy, non-monitoring granules for much less mess
Perfect for sifting/mechanical clutter containers